Saturday, January 31, 2009

Some of the new drawstring pouches

These can of course also be used as tarot bags - they are the perfect size for that. But we find many people now buy them to store cosmetics or other small items in their handbag, or to use as decorative storage bags in bathroom or bedroom.

The Nautilus Shell. Art Deco fairytale tarot bag.
Fairies Dancing. Tarot bag based on Arthur Rackham picture
The Tarot Reader, JJ Grandville tarot bag

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sale is open!

It's here. Have fun. I am SO glad to have launched this at last. All year Alex and I have been filtering out some things that are discontinued or seconds and saying to each other, "No problem, it'll go in the sale." and I did wonder if it would ever really happen.

Oh, by the way, the limited editions do start HIGH (well, they were part of my pension plan - though Alex says they would be long-gone by then anyway) but I will reduce them each day. Now if that doesn't add a bit of suspense I don't know what will.


Edited to add. Hey, a copyright notice just appeared on this post. Is that a new LJ thing?

SALE at Baba Store

It'll start today as soon as I can get all the listings up. I can't do everything but we will add to the listings as often as possible so do keep checking. I'll post the link when we're ready to begin.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

New bags this time, not sale bags

I've just been a bit too busy* to fish out more of the "seconds" this week. But I will do as soon as I can. Thanks for all your enthusiasm about those.

Meanwhile here is a "beautiful Vassilisa" at last - I've been wanting to do this one for ages.

Beautiful Vassilisa, fairytale silk tarot bag, drawstring pouch.
Beautiful Vassilisa, fairytale silk tarot bag, drawstring pouch.

By the way I had a conversation with another Etsy seller the other day and she told me our work is WAY under-priced. I am beginning to think this may be true. Although in a recession...? Anyway, we'll keep this introductory price to the end of the month for sure.

If you have any comments about the price I'd love to hear them - I really do wonder if the price implies that the quality is far lower than it actually is (which is what my friend said). And this is NOT fishing for compliments, I'd honestly like some input.

*standard excuse I know but we seem finally to have signed the contract on the GIANT - it's poster-sized - Bohemian Cats Calender so it's a bit mad as now they need it quickly.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Four more sale tarot bags/drawstring pouches

UPDATE - all gone. I'm going to dig around the studio for more seconds but I have no idea what I'll find.

The cats are doing quite well with their tower collection and are starting to get over-ambitious (no, we are not aiming for an Imperial Cat Palace guys).

So - on with four more bags.

First, two Strength bags with the old lion head (not the version that finally made it into the deck) and printed so that some of the details are lost. I would say that these look at least as good as most fabric prints, but the ones we sell as perfect have a lot more detail in them. These ones were early and it always takes us a few tries to get a print set up correctly.

Again, $10 plus shipping

Both now sold

And - two High Priestesses also with some detail missing - nice shiny satin print but we feel it should be sharper.

Both now sold

And finally - a very odd Devil bag -

I'm not sure I can be bothered to send a "one handed devil" separately (we forgot to switch on a layer in the picture when we printed, so the woman is actually missing her left hand!) , as it really is the only one (I found it in a box I had marked "sell as seconds" and promptly forgotten about). If you buy one of the other bags we will send you the devil free but would appreciate it if you pay $3 extra for the cost of shipping it. First person to leave me a note with their purchase gets the strange Devil.
TAKEN - sorry we only had one.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A film of The Lady of Shalott

With many thanks to The Beautiful Necessity I thought I'd pass this on.

It looks as though it's being very carefully done. Mmm - anticipation - it'll be out in May 2009 apparently.

Okay, I should add that I'm not sure about the casting - and it may be just a little mock-medieval filmme in tone. But still, let's be generous and admit that it does look like it will be atmospheric - and I love the way they have matched the costume later on to the Waterhouse painting.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

BIG task

I'm still going through the rather mammoth task of switching all the small drawstrings to the "standard" and "custom" options. All in all it will take until the end of the month I think as we have about 200 bags to list. Scary in a way, but I am doing just a few at a time. It's a great move I think as it should simplify things and let us not only maintain prices but even shave a bit off them - while fulfilling orders faster. And much as we like doing custom bags it should mean that we will have fewer to make - better for Romana and it means I can also spend some time dreaming up some special combinations with vintage fabrics. Anyway, a few more went up on the shop today. Eventually nearly all our prints will be available in standard and custom versions - the hope being that most of the standard colours will be in stock most of the time. ___________ Anyway, it means I haven't had time to list any more of the sale bags today, but I'll try to get back to that tomorrow. I think there are a couple of Alice messengers with small marks on the canvas (on one it looks like a large drop glue was spilt on to it, I removed it but it left a mark - on the other one small patch of canvas is a bit lighter - I suppose it's a fabric fault). I'll try to list those over the weekend if not tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One more

The last of the stiffer-interfacing samples. This is an Alice in a taupe silk (please note, not the pink silk shown). Again, silver-grey silk lining. One only of this.

Alice in Wonderland tarot bag, drawstring pouch in apricot pink silk.
Again, same price, $10 plus $4 postage - but postage can be combined if you buy more than one (we can hold any bags you buy until you see what else is on the way)

Please pay via PayPal:

Orders at magic dash realist dot com

SALE bags

Three of these sold now. Just one left.

Minnie ("tabby with attitude") is sitting in front of the screen. She is getting excited - the new tower fund has begun! She wants one with one of those fur fabric boxes on top. I know, I know, I always said I could not live with one of those things - but cats LOVE them.

I really ought to be putting sale items on the shop but I just haven't got time for now. So I will offer a few from time to time here in January as well as getting a shop sale page together. Our flat and studio are FULL of slight seconds or samples or discontinued images so I have told myself that I'll sell all these off and put the money towards a new climbing "tower" for the cats (they have pulled their old one to pieces - it looks disgraceful).


Okay, first up. Two rather stiff tarot bags. These are made in our (lovely - they really are) workshop in Vietnam so the silk is gorgeous and they are silk lined. The linings are a silver-grey silk. However, these were two of the early samples and we think the cotton interfacing is too thick. The bag can still be gathered and closed, but it's just a bit harder to do this than we like.

Prints are done by us, as always (no-one else does our prints but us with our own hands - which means Alex really - and I am allowed to do one once in a blue moon when he trusts me - hah!)

Our contact in Vietnam says that the interfacing used on these bags mean that they will last for many years! We had to say that while we appreciate that, we do prefer the softer interfacing that we are using.

One is Alice and the Pool of Tears in pale blue silk (this is not the actual bag as that hasn't been photographed - but similar to this though the blue is much lighter):.

Both are half price at $10 plus $4 shipping. We can of course combine shipping if you would like both.

By the way, if the PayPal button does not work, please let me know, I am new to this. If it does not charge shipping (it sometimes doesn't ) I will send an invoice for the $4. Or send a refund if you buy both, as we can combine shipping.

Alice in Wonderland, Pool of Tears, drawstring pouch or tarot bag

The other is The Fairy Queen in a very pretty pale green and the background of the picture is more yellowy cream than white (again, the photo is not the actual bag).


Two Death the Bride bags with a small fault in the printing. Each has a hairline (literally, because it's the result of a loose thread lying on the print when we were doing it) of white going across the image. About 1-1.5 inches long. It's slight but you can definitely see it.

This is the bag - the faulty ones are identical but with the small white hairline fault on the picture. I don't have a photo of them as they are down at the studio, but I can always send a picture to the buyer to check that you're happy before we post.

Same price - $10 plus $4 postage.