Friday, November 28, 2008

And, a new version of the Undine messenger

Undine the Mermaid messenger bag
We realised that some people had problems with the (not very)naked mermaid on the right-hand panel in the original version. So we have done this new version. It's also a little more intensely coloured.

I like it. But then, I liked the original one too - which we will still have for those of you who are not afraid to carry a nekkid mermaid on your shoulder.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Newsletter is out! With special offers.

I have finally given up with trying to get our server host, Dreamhost, to stop blocking our mailings (I honestly do suspect there is a bit of prejudice here - they seem more suspicious because we're in Central Europe) so now we are using one of the dedicated mail services. At least I know the mailings will arrive - and it's honestly a very modest cost and worth it for the sheer stress relief as they have lots of online help and templates etc (plus nice support staff).

So - if you aren't on the list and want to be, please click here to sign up.

By the way, right now, our shop leads to the old sign-up but I am keeping an eye on that and have transferred everyone over by hand. With any luck tomorrow the shop support team will be back at work and will show me how to redirect the sign-up (it's a bit fiddly as CS-Cart does everything with databases and templates). And I am changing all the sign-ups on our sites. So - we will have a reliable mailing list that can actually get past servers and arrive intact at google-mail addresses. AT LAST.
Er, have I said that before? Well, I really think we are there this time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New samples

This is something quite new for us - and like all new things, it's taking time to develop. I wanted this combination of a very flat top (under the frame) and a flouncy/puffy bottom. But being a slightly three-dimensionally challenged designer I didn't realise that the result is that you can't open the bag all that widely - so getting things in and out is slightly awkward (not very, but enough to be irritating). Sigh, back to the drawing board.So - meantime I need to buy some hooks that match the frame (hooks shown are steel, frame is brass) and make a couple of handles so that at least this doesn't end up thrown away - the pure-silk embroidered fabric is far too good for that. I think I'll keep one and gift one.It's quite a large bag by the way, which Alex thinks spectacular. I think I like the size - I'm beginning to come around to the huge bags that are fashionable right now. Well, no, in fact I don't like the huge ones - the thought of lugging around that much stuff makes me feel faint - but a BIG bag like this seems suddenly quite appealing.Bohemian clutch bag in embroidered silkclutch bag in embroidered silk____________The-blog-that-was-about-textiles-and-politics seems about to revert back to textiles. A lot less drama on the whole (hmm, although maybe not - these clutch bags are providing a fair bit of drama as I try out different approaches).