Monday, August 17, 2009

Our first corset for our upcoming fashion shoot

Alice in Wonderland corset
Alice in Wonderland corset

This was really designed as a foil to the wraps, which are the main point of the shoot. But it's proved to be so interesting that we may go on to do some kind of corsets or tops later. It's sewn by a very talented British seamstress who specialises in corsets.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chiffon wraps

Mermaids Chiffon Wrap. Based on Rackham pictures. By Baba Studio.
We're very close to having the first of these completed now. Two designs done - one with an Arthur Rackham mermaids theme and the other our own Bohemian Gothic "Strength".

Both these first prints are now being changed considerably. The colours are being toned down a little - we want something a bit more misty and with a slightly antique feel. We are also, sadly in a way, changing the "shell baby" on the Mermaids wrap, as I think another nymph will be better.

We will be doing two more designs for the fashion shoot at the end of August (aaargh, I have to find models soon), and then hopefully these four designs - not the actual shoot ones, but others that are identical - plus one or two more, will be one sale in September. We still need to decide on the final 4-6. Perhaps one Alice in the mix, another fairies for sure and perhaps something a bit Russian in feel? I'm not sure yet.

Just a corner of this one printed so far. We think the blue, although beautiful, is too intense, so it needs some work. There is never any way to tell how a colour will come out until we print it on fabric. So we're used to this phase of adjusting and readjusting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bohemian Cats Calendar 2010 is here!

Bohemian Cats Calendar 2010, from Baba Studio, Prague.
The calendar is now printed and available. Although I know it's rather early to begin thinking about 2010, interestingly the Cat Gallery here wanted some immediately. I suppose it's a really nice present for visitors to take home, very Bohemian, spectacular (I think), a good price - and easy to carry! Yes, makes sense.

We had a whole lot of fun making this - it makes me want to get back to doing more Cats pictures soon.

Bohemian Cats Calendar 2010, from Baba Studio, Prague.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting the shops updated and tidied up

For a week now, Magda (our new helper) and I have been working hard on updating the drawstrings on both the main shop and on Etsy. We finally have the new standard bags nearly all up, and in the right colours - formerly we had some colours listed that we're actually sold out of.

It's great to get this all sorted - and essential too, before the new styles of bag arrive later this summer.
The Wirth Tarot Moon, drawstring pouch, tarot bag

The Tarot Reading, tarot bag

Baroque Fairy drawstring pouch, tarot bag

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Alice bags are here.

Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts, three-way print and canvas customised messenger bag
Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts, three-way print and canvas customised messenger bag
These will be on the shop this week. I'm very pleased with them. All our Alice bags seem very popular, so we thought we would add just a few (three in fact) new prints for spring and summer. I'll post the other two and the shop link as soon as I have them listed.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our bags are on sale at Amazon

Baba Studio tarot bags in satin and silk. Now on sale at Amazon.ukThe first batch of our satin and pure silk tarot bags is now on sale at It's a real thrill to see them there. They are "fulfilled by Amazon" - in other words Amazon stocks them in their warehouse and you can order them - complete with free shipping - if you're in the UK.

If it all goes well we will be sending more styles and prints over this year.