Monday, August 17, 2009

Our first corset for our upcoming fashion shoot

Alice in Wonderland corset
Alice in Wonderland corset

This was really designed as a foil to the wraps, which are the main point of the shoot. But it's proved to be so interesting that we may go on to do some kind of corsets or tops later. It's sewn by a very talented British seamstress who specialises in corsets.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chiffon wraps

Mermaids Chiffon Wrap. Based on Rackham pictures. By Baba Studio.
We're very close to having the first of these completed now. Two designs done - one with an Arthur Rackham mermaids theme and the other our own Bohemian Gothic "Strength".

Both these first prints are now being changed considerably. The colours are being toned down a little - we want something a bit more misty and with a slightly antique feel. We are also, sadly in a way, changing the "shell baby" on the Mermaids wrap, as I think another nymph will be better.

We will be doing two more designs for the fashion shoot at the end of August (aaargh, I have to find models soon), and then hopefully these four designs - not the actual shoot ones, but others that are identical - plus one or two more, will be one sale in September. We still need to decide on the final 4-6. Perhaps one Alice in the mix, another fairies for sure and perhaps something a bit Russian in feel? I'm not sure yet.

Just a corner of this one printed so far. We think the blue, although beautiful, is too intense, so it needs some work. There is never any way to tell how a colour will come out until we print it on fabric. So we're used to this phase of adjusting and readjusting.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bohemian Cats Calendar 2010 is here!

Bohemian Cats Calendar 2010, from Baba Studio, Prague.
The calendar is now printed and available. Although I know it's rather early to begin thinking about 2010, interestingly the Cat Gallery here wanted some immediately. I suppose it's a really nice present for visitors to take home, very Bohemian, spectacular (I think), a good price - and easy to carry! Yes, makes sense.

We had a whole lot of fun making this - it makes me want to get back to doing more Cats pictures soon.

Bohemian Cats Calendar 2010, from Baba Studio, Prague.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting the shops updated and tidied up

For a week now, Magda (our new helper) and I have been working hard on updating the drawstrings on both the main shop and on Etsy. We finally have the new standard bags nearly all up, and in the right colours - formerly we had some colours listed that we're actually sold out of.

It's great to get this all sorted - and essential too, before the new styles of bag arrive later this summer.
The Wirth Tarot Moon, drawstring pouch, tarot bag

The Tarot Reading, tarot bag

Baroque Fairy drawstring pouch, tarot bag

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Alice bags are here.

Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts, three-way print and canvas customised messenger bag
Alice in Wonderland, The Queen of Hearts, three-way print and canvas customised messenger bag
These will be on the shop this week. I'm very pleased with them. All our Alice bags seem very popular, so we thought we would add just a few (three in fact) new prints for spring and summer. I'll post the other two and the shop link as soon as I have them listed.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our bags are on sale at Amazon

Baba Studio tarot bags in satin and silk. Now on sale at Amazon.ukThe first batch of our satin and pure silk tarot bags is now on sale at It's a real thrill to see them there. They are "fulfilled by Amazon" - in other words Amazon stocks them in their warehouse and you can order them - complete with free shipping - if you're in the UK.

If it all goes well we will be sending more styles and prints over this year.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Destiny" Pre-Raphaelite shoulder pouch

Sometimes, I sit here wondering why something I like a lot is not selling and then I realise...
... it's because I haven't listed it on the shop. Er hem.

It's there now. But we only have enough kimono for about two more bags in all so stocks are very, very low.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New shoulder pouches

Love's messenger. Pre-Raphaelite shoulder bag, pouch in satin and vintage kimono. Suitable for passports, ipods, cellphone etc.

These are the custom ones using vintage kimono fabrics. The "standard" silk ones will be ready in the summer.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Magic Cup - new shoulder bag

We've been asked for many different new shoulder bag prints, and this is one of the first of them. It's SUCH a pretty bag - should get some attention when it's worn, in the nicest possible way. I've shown the apple green back, but it also comes in copper, rust/green and taupe/green. Or anything else you like really - though to me, those are the colours that work best.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wholesale now working

Undine the Mermaid. Satin and pure silk tarot bag, drawstring pouch based on an Arthur Rackham image.Direct wholesale ordering is now mostly up and running on the shop. Well, it's in place for small drawstrings, messenger bags and totes - I need to get wholesale prices listed for everything else.

If you register as a wholesaler (and it's only open to bona fide retailers please - it need prior approval) you will see wholesale prices when you log in. Then you can go ahead and order as normal, but at these prices.

I've set it up so there is an extra-special discount if you buy several of any one item - easier all round.

If you'd like to register as a wholesaler, please get in touch.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The return of The Mouse

As you'll have gathered, the calendar (hey, spelt it right that time, it's one of those words I habitually mis-spell) is based on existing pictures, though very much reworked. It's partly because of our time - we were only paid for a couple of weeks work on this, though Alex has put in more - but mainly because it's what the publisher insisted on. I suppose it made them feel that they knew what they would be getting. It's actually worked out very well and I love the result, although I'm also itching to do a whole new lot of Bohemian Cats work.

IF this one is a success - and that's definitely a great big IF as by sod's law it's being launched at maybe the worst economy in central europe for decades - we will get to do a whole set of new pictures for 2011. Here's hoping.

But whatever happens, I have to say that reviving "the mouse" as he is called around here (he's a gerbil), has been a laugh. In real life he was a right little bad-tempered rodent who bit me several times and actually, single pawed, managed to terrify all our three cats. You had to admire that in a way.

Monday, March 2, 2009

One more from the new calender

'She was the most beautiful cat he had ever seen' From the 2010 Bohemian Cats Calender, by Baba Studio.

So, a bit more information too. It will be a very large 600 * 470 mm (that's about 23.5 by 18.5 inches) and we are hoping to retail it at around $15 or 12 Euros though everyone is still being a bit vague on price. I think with the rising dollar it should be possible. The great thing about doing something with a "mass" (relatively) publisher is that the prices are very good.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New shoulder pouch samples - part two

Well, just so that you know we are progressing, here are the snaps of the samples in Vietnam. You can see the nice little metal zip pulls in these pictures - I'm pleased with these as they just give a nice finish.
Six samples will be with us this week. Meantime, we have to finish the calender and then print and print and print to get all the pictures ready to be sent out.

fairytale silk and satin printed shoulder pouch purse. By Baba Studio, Prague. fairytale silk and satin printed shoulder pouch purse. By Baba Studio, Prague.

I had a very nice note recently from the guy who organises all this saying that in these times it's very important that they keep the work coming in for the women who do the sewing. I know that there are ifs and buts about making where you can't visit the workshops (although we hope to some day) but I do feel that it's good to know we are providing decent work and buying as direct as possible. We'll stick with these same people now - we like them and we love the quality of sewing they do.

The way this will work is what's becoming the main process for us - we do the prints, they do the sewing, it all comes back here for finishing. In this case we will make the straps here because they are being specially woven locally. So it's quite a lot of stages, but worth it because we end up with gorgeous quality and a great retail price. And deep down, something in me quite enjoys some aspects of organising all this - if I'm honest. I've always liked collaborating with a wide range of people - quite simply, it's interesting and I learn a lot.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bohemian Cats calender

Well, we think that's what it will be called. The publisher argued for "Magic Cats" but half of these are not really about magic.

The pictures are all based on existing ones, but as the calender is huge, about small poster sized, everything had to be extensively redone.

One day I will write a thesis (or a short blog post) on digital imaging and the way in which it means that studio motifs get used and reworked again and again. With some of these pictures, this must be the fifth or sixth version, and I actually find it very interesting to see them evolve and change - and I hope get better.

So, here is the calender cover for starters.

Bohemian Cats Calender. The Siamese Needlewoman. By Baba Studio.

Bohemian Cats Calender. The Siamese Needlewoman. By Baba Studio.

The clock is a really nice touch this time around. As the pictures are going to be so large, we felt we could put in more detail.

And the new Brave Tabby, with a much improved costume - and his fur brushed.

Bohemian Cats Calender. The Brave Tabby Swordsman. By Baba Studio.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

More new "standard" bags - Arthur Rackham fairies

Fairy Troop, silk and satin tarot bag, drawstring pouch with Arthur Rackham illustration.
Fairies by Night, silk and satin tarot bag, drawstring pouch with Arthur Rackham illustration.

We have most of them listed on the shop now. They are 13.90 Euros, which is about $17.80. It may have to go up a bit as that is really a LOW price. With currencies moving around so much it's really hard to keep up. Anyway, for this month it's the price, and hopefully into March. Grab them while you can!
Yes, yes, I would say that wouldn't I? - but really, this is about the price of a mass produced bag in much less special fabric - and without the print. With the recession come bargains - there's always a silver lining.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gustav Klimt pure silk drawstring tarot bag. By Baba Studio.
Gustav Klimt pure silk drawstring tarot bag. By Baba Studio.

These are both now in our batch production, so they're excellent value - good colours too so they feel quite special.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strength - Gothic satin and silk shoulder pouch by Baba Studio.

and another one - the same shape/pattern but just to show how it looks in a different colour.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New shoulder pouches

Adjustable strap - though for the final bags we are commissioning some cotton webbing strap to be made to our order (it feels more substantial for such a long strap - and has a nice texture). Also the final zips of course won't have the rather noticeable brass metal stops.

I'm very pleased with this design - it's been three months to get to this point (backwards and forwards between Romana, us and the guys in Vietnam). But I think it was worth taking some time.

It's not yet available. Now we have the mammoth task of doing all the prints and specifications (colour etc) for one large batch. I think we should with luck have these in April.

I know I keep saying it, but it is AMAZING how long things take. I really do understand now that you have to begin to prepare for autumn/winter season a full year ahead. Crazy!

Friday, February 13, 2009

And another quick burst of Bohemian fabric

Today the sun came out, I saw a green woodpecker looking for somewhere to build a nest and the cats went mad on the roof. First hints of spring!

I also got a wildly, wildly gypsy tablecloth that I bought. Minnie sniffed it for five minutes and was appalled, so I took it straight to wash (she checks everything that comes into the house). It turned out to be FILTHY - basin after basin of brown water was flushed away before I got it clean. I then drenched it in aroma fabric conditioner and hung it outside. After which it will be fit to use. It's falling to pieces really, but it looks like something from a Victorian circus and I love it. Once it's dried and ironed I'll photograph it.

For now though, some of the red-on-white embroidery that I love so much here. This is very faded and on an unusually thick linen (only a strip left, it's been cut just an inch from the embroidery) - I suspect it's a good 100 years old. We will scan it all and store it for use as a graphic later. Then maybe I will think seriously about sewing it on to one of my thick old french sheets, if it's wide enough. Any other ideas? I would really like to use it for real as well as using it as a graphics source.

More of the "standard" bags at $18.75 or whatever that is in Euros!

We are getting these completed quite quickly now. It is GREAT to be able to offer bags at this much lower cost in these times. Though you'll notice we've also put up the price of custom bags as we want to nudge people, gently, to go for the standard bags unless they really, really want a special colour or fabric.

Today I will have the happy task of pulling out our very old Bohemian indigo fabrics - I grabbed a load from a friend before he finished his antiques business here - and working out how to use them in the new shoulder pouches. But that's for later.

So - one of the all-time favourites now in his slightly new incarnation:

Wild Elf Boy silk fairytale drawstring pouch, tarot bag

Wild Elf Boy silk fairytale drawstring pouch, tarot bag

On Etsy for now, on the shop later. Don't ask me where is the cheaper to buy. I really am at my wit's end with currency changes and will just try to keep both sites more or less in line. Buy where is best for you!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New bag - very apt for this time of the year

The Love Potion, tarot bag or drawstring pouch in satin and pure silk.
The Love Potion. We only have this as a custom bag for now. If it's popular we may make it in batch as a lower cost "standard" bag - but not for six months or so.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Just a heads-up that we have the two new Alice wristlets on special offer

I haven't sent this out in a newsletter because it's only two designs. But as they are brand new and we're really pleased with them, I thought I'd do a "special" for this month. I hate to use the word "cute" - but I do think they're cute! At 20 Euros they are probably a bit too cheap - but well, it's February and in a recession, so why not?

Alice in Wonderland satin and silk wristlet by Baba Studio Alice in Wonderland satin and silk wristlet by Baba Studio

Friday, February 6, 2009

A couple of new shoulder bags

Fairytale shoulder bag in satins and silk, by Baba Studio
Fairytale shoulder purse in satins and silk, by Baba Studio

Thumbelina, fairytale shoulder bag in satins and silk, by Baba Studio

These are another custom order that came out really well. We're trying to cut back on custom orders but we are still happy to do them when we think that the print can go into our normal line. I think both these bags will be popular - when I get that "I want one of these" myself, it's usually a good sign. In fact, the Thumbelina shows very well at this size as you can see the details.
We tried doing one of these satin fronts in a dupion satin-backed silk. I like it, Alex is not sure. But it's interesting to try. I sort of like the little hint of texture in the dupion. I may post close-ups later so you can see what I mean.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

At last - the Brave Tabby messenger bag

We've been asked for this before, but it was one very determined (good for her!) Etsy buyer that finally pushed us into getting it done.

Great bag, if I do say it myself! For brave tabbies everywhere. The Brave Tabby. Cotton canvas three-way messenger bag from Baba Studio
The Brave Tabby. Cotton canvas three-way messenger bag from Baba Studio