Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New Baba Store has launched!

Our brand new shop is now online. 

It's at the same url www.baba-store.com but you'll see all sorts of improvements. Just a few are:

- Many more products, and many more fashion photos to give a better idea of size and so on.

- All products priced in Euros but with the ability to switch instantly to US dollar or GB pounds.

- Better order tracking - something you've been asking for which we're delighted finally to have.

- Clearer reward points. Now every product shows its price in reward points and also how many points you get when you buy it.

- Better navigation - we now have a whole site map, an improved search engine and everything laid out so that the same products can be found easily in more than a single category (for example, Bohemian Gothic tarot bags are now in

- The ability to add reviews, make up a "wish list" and also email products to friends (all very useful for gift giving and gift hinting!)

- A straightforward way of buying and sending gift certificates.

The good news for existing customers is that we are moving all accounts and points from the old shop. This process is completed and most of you will find everything working as before. However, it's been a huge task so if you find that anything isn't working, please let us know. 

The only change is that you now need to log on using your email address, NOT a user name - we think it's easier. Apart from that you should mostly find that your old password works fine.
Oh- and for those of you who have points, we are moving those across (if you don't yet see yours, do let us know, we've currently moved about 90%). The good news is that as they are now counted in Euros, not Dollars, you'll find that any existing points that you had built up are now worth more. It's just a small "thank-you" from us for your patience during this exciting shop transition.

By the way, sorry for such a formal announcement but it's the same one we are ATTEMPTING to mail out. But nowadays the chances of getting through mail filters etc are so small that I thought it should go here.