Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bohemian Cats Calendar 2010 is here!

Bohemian Cats Calendar 2010, from Baba Studio, Prague.
The calendar is now printed and available. Although I know it's rather early to begin thinking about 2010, interestingly the Cat Gallery here wanted some immediately. I suppose it's a really nice present for visitors to take home, very Bohemian, spectacular (I think), a good price - and easy to carry! Yes, makes sense.

We had a whole lot of fun making this - it makes me want to get back to doing more Cats pictures soon.

Bohemian Cats Calendar 2010, from Baba Studio, Prague.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting the shops updated and tidied up

For a week now, Magda (our new helper) and I have been working hard on updating the drawstrings on both the main shop and on Etsy. We finally have the new standard bags nearly all up, and in the right colours - formerly we had some colours listed that we're actually sold out of.

It's great to get this all sorted - and essential too, before the new styles of bag arrive later this summer.
The Wirth Tarot Moon, drawstring pouch, tarot bag

The Tarot Reading, tarot bag

Baroque Fairy drawstring pouch, tarot bag