Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Life becomes fun (again)

Travis comes in to discuss writing the next book (a graphic novel) for us. LOTS of interesting things in common, most noticeably a love of Herzog and Kinsky, not to mention Svankmajer. This project will be much more bizarre and strange than anything we've tackled so far - and perhaps an ideal companion project for See of Logos. Travis may be a good writer to use. His novel is seemingly punky, odd and opinionated and perhaps this is what we need (maybe I should read it? Now there's a thought): Hope so. He goes off with a dog-eared copy of a book that he needs to read for the project, and several Herzog DVDs. Then an email arrives from Rachel to say that she has just been on cable tv and used Tarot of Prague (which she says good things about again). The show sounds cheesy but a laugh – with perhaps an element of unintended seriousness? Anyway, the idea of Rachel sitting in a shopping mall being filmed giving readings with Tarot of Prague really pleases us. I want that tape! Diane Wilkes reviews Tarot of Prague second edition (and does not mention Knight of Cups! Which in some ways I quite like as usually people home in on that change). Nice, sensitive review, as one would expect from Diane: The canary continues to be in love with Edith Piaff and sings along with her in pure Parisian style. We wonder where to obtain bird skeletons in a “sound” way (a walk in the park perhaps?) We don’t mention any of this to the canary… We make glorious stamp images from The Great Felinsky and the Hairless Guard Cat. I try to persuade Alex to do an interview for a reviewer and he – as always – refuses flat and tells me to speak on his behalf. Doing PR for Alex is laughably difficult. But in a way I like that he is so UN-branded about himself - unlike almost everyone now. And we finally arrange to go to Frankfurt Book Fair in a fortnight with our printers. Though my friend in Frankfurt (the only German I know who speaks English with a distinct Belfast accent) turns out to be suddenly off doing a high-powered post-grad business degree in Boston – as of last month. Will I ever get to have a drink with him again? But for a day, this is good. I love it when life flips around fast like this.

An urban heroine in the making

Thanks to Eve for this link. I know everyone is passing it to everyone else (note the nearly 2000 comments - is that some kind of LJ record?), but I just have to join in. Utter brilliance - the funniest, warmest, BEST way of dealing with crazy fundamentalist fanatics I have ever read. Enjoy it! Then get out there and sing show tunes!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Okay, one more, Lord Felix

He is on the front page of the website - but here is a preview. Beautiful Felix

Printing, printing, printing - and redesigning the website

Finally, I am taking a deep breath and redoing the websites. The orginal BBCats tarot website was done in a rush, and largely by a friend, and I've never been too keen on it. It doesn't really show off the cards that well. So - as the book needs a site, seems like a good time to do all. First draft of the site went up yesterday (but not linked in to anything) and looks, well, okay. Over the weekend I will think more what I really want - and also get hold of some more of the book images, which so far I have not wanted to touch during pre-press. Anyway, all mundane stuff in a way (although I am actually looking forward to a bit of web design after all this time) but maybe keeps me on the ground during this next phase. It's funny, the book was always just supposed to be something quick after the deck - really just to show off the images in large size. But it's become a whole different thing - a big project in its own right. I'm glad, I like the story and the humour and the fact that the picture are lush. For now, here is a quick re-take of the Four of Pentacles. In the book he is Purrla's cross guardian (anyone bringing up Purrla could be excused for being a bit cross, she's a very showy little kitty indeed). The addition of the portrait was Alex's idea and it cracks me up every time I see it. I LOVE it! (awfully tempting to use this one in the large-size version of the cards too - assuming they get done). performance

Thursday, September 9, 2004

LOTS of pictures from the book - small for now.

Well - we begin printing next Monday (REAL nail-biting stuff) and I had to make a lot of small jpegs for a UK book magazine (it's supplied to bookshops) that has decided to feature us for November! So - a good opportunity to post some here. Usual disclaimer - they are BIG in the book, so you are seeing them at something like 1/12th to 1/20th of reality (what am I saying? Actually, it's a much smaller fraction than that of the real size). But it gives an idea. You'll see some of the characters from the cards reused (bet you didn't know that the Queen of Wands has a somewhat evil twin sister?! - they are Alex's homage to Gormanghast.) and some that are entirely new. Note that in the puppet scene, Death is now the happy bride of The Devil - it seemed a little inappropriate to do that for the version of this picture that was used for The Eight of Pentacles - but in the book, why not? I love both those puppets. As our Prague puppeteer contact said to us "The Evil characters always make the best puppets". Such is life... I am really happy to have done this book. Partly because it is such a surprise. It somehow went from a teeny project into a great huge one - but worth it as it's turned out. Anyway - here they are, and more behind the cut: performance ball garden nightgossip performance puppets twins