Thursday, June 19, 2008

From the ceiling

In some of the rooms I found it hard to look at the paintings because I was too busy with my head back, gazing at the ceilings. Here is one of the ceiling paintings. Scenes of metamorphosis seemed to be popular in Prague at the time the palace was built (Renaissance). I suppose these metamorphosis myths provided good, dramatic subject matter. A good article on the renovations is here: Anyway, on to the girls turning into trees. I would quite like one of these on my ceiling. Or something similar would do. Ah well. I assume they are the Heliades? Interesting how the seated girl looks only mildly pissed off. Perhaps the restoration is to blame?

I just like this picture a lot

Another one from last Saturday evening. I'm afraid I know nothing about this angel except, well, it's Baroque - which is pretty obvious.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Okay, just one more for now (and I think I want her as a new avatar - I need some new avatars for this journal). She is a personification of "Summer". I love the way the marble seems as though it really is fabric wrapped around her - it looks so translucent and delicate. And there's something touching about the crispness of her face and hair contrasted with the crackled and broken marble. Beautiful.

Time for some pictures

This was our conversation this last Saturday night - Alex Oh! I've just realised that tonight is "museum night" in Prague. Let's go at 12. Alex Eh Darling? (actually, more like "WHAASSAT?") Alex You know, the night where all the museums are open and they're free. Me Ah? Really? And you want to go at midnight? Are they open at midnight? Alex Er, not sure. Er, hmm. Maybe we should check. Me (after much googling). *****y H***! It finishes tonight at midnight and it's ten now. Alex Quick, quick, quick! Me Hang on, hang on, need to find a jacket. And off we went. As we'd left it so late we only got as far as the Schwarzenberg Palace - which is more or less next door (well, up a hill). But as it's newly restored and opened it would have been my first choice anyway. It was packed with excited people and there was a bit of a queue to get in. But after just ten minutes or so, we were let loose in the rooms. They are SPECTACULAR - in fact, it's hard to know whether to look at the architecture (complete with ceiling paintings) or the sculpture and pictures. So - I'm going to be posting lots in the next few days, but for now here is the first thing I saw in the first room. And yes, I actually did say "OH!" out loud when I saw her/him - but then I had had a Kir Royale after supper so was perhaps not as reserved as possible. The photography is not wonderful by the way, as it was night-time and flash was forbidden (as were tripods). But still, I want to show you: This angel is roughly a metre and a bit high and made of painted wood I think (sorry, that sounds pathetic - blame the kir and my lack of a notebook and reading glasses). It's from the Wallenstein Palace, one of my favourite places, and it's pretty military-looking. Pretty much the whole of the Wallenstein art is about war and death - oh, and metamorphosis. Which, come to think of it, makes it odd that I like it so much. I do like his dimple - nice touch.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer Newsletter

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The old software, like the old shop, was great in its time but just got very creaky in the last 18 months or so. It's good to have something a bit closer to state of the art - ish!