Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New shoulder pouches

Love's messenger. Pre-Raphaelite shoulder bag, pouch in satin and vintage kimono. Suitable for passports, ipods, cellphone etc.

These are the custom ones using vintage kimono fabrics. The "standard" silk ones will be ready in the summer.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Magic Cup - new shoulder bag

We've been asked for many different new shoulder bag prints, and this is one of the first of them. It's SUCH a pretty bag - should get some attention when it's worn, in the nicest possible way. I've shown the apple green back, but it also comes in copper, rust/green and taupe/green. Or anything else you like really - though to me, those are the colours that work best.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wholesale now working

Undine the Mermaid. Satin and pure silk tarot bag, drawstring pouch based on an Arthur Rackham image.Direct wholesale ordering is now mostly up and running on the shop. Well, it's in place for small drawstrings, messenger bags and totes - I need to get wholesale prices listed for everything else.

If you register as a wholesaler (and it's only open to bona fide retailers please - it need prior approval) you will see wholesale prices when you log in. Then you can go ahead and order as normal, but at these prices.

I've set it up so there is an extra-special discount if you buy several of any one item - easier all round.

If you'd like to register as a wholesaler, please get in touch.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The return of The Mouse

As you'll have gathered, the calendar (hey, spelt it right that time, it's one of those words I habitually mis-spell) is based on existing pictures, though very much reworked. It's partly because of our time - we were only paid for a couple of weeks work on this, though Alex has put in more - but mainly because it's what the publisher insisted on. I suppose it made them feel that they knew what they would be getting. It's actually worked out very well and I love the result, although I'm also itching to do a whole new lot of Bohemian Cats work.

IF this one is a success - and that's definitely a great big IF as by sod's law it's being launched at maybe the worst economy in central europe for decades - we will get to do a whole set of new pictures for 2011. Here's hoping.

But whatever happens, I have to say that reviving "the mouse" as he is called around here (he's a gerbil), has been a laugh. In real life he was a right little bad-tempered rodent who bit me several times and actually, single pawed, managed to terrify all our three cats. You had to admire that in a way.

Monday, March 2, 2009

One more from the new calender

'She was the most beautiful cat he had ever seen' From the 2010 Bohemian Cats Calender, by Baba Studio.

So, a bit more information too. It will be a very large 600 * 470 mm (that's about 23.5 by 18.5 inches) and we are hoping to retail it at around $15 or 12 Euros though everyone is still being a bit vague on price. I think with the rising dollar it should be possible. The great thing about doing something with a "mass" (relatively) publisher is that the prices are very good.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New shoulder pouch samples - part two

Well, just so that you know we are progressing, here are the snaps of the samples in Vietnam. You can see the nice little metal zip pulls in these pictures - I'm pleased with these as they just give a nice finish.
Six samples will be with us this week. Meantime, we have to finish the calender and then print and print and print to get all the pictures ready to be sent out.

fairytale silk and satin printed shoulder pouch purse. By Baba Studio, Prague. fairytale silk and satin printed shoulder pouch purse. By Baba Studio, Prague.

I had a very nice note recently from the guy who organises all this saying that in these times it's very important that they keep the work coming in for the women who do the sewing. I know that there are ifs and buts about making where you can't visit the workshops (although we hope to some day) but I do feel that it's good to know we are providing decent work and buying as direct as possible. We'll stick with these same people now - we like them and we love the quality of sewing they do.

The way this will work is what's becoming the main process for us - we do the prints, they do the sewing, it all comes back here for finishing. In this case we will make the straps here because they are being specially woven locally. So it's quite a lot of stages, but worth it because we end up with gorgeous quality and a great retail price. And deep down, something in me quite enjoys some aspects of organising all this - if I'm honest. I've always liked collaborating with a wide range of people - quite simply, it's interesting and I learn a lot.