Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chiffon wraps

Mermaids Chiffon Wrap. Based on Rackham pictures. By Baba Studio.
We're very close to having the first of these completed now. Two designs done - one with an Arthur Rackham mermaids theme and the other our own Bohemian Gothic "Strength".

Both these first prints are now being changed considerably. The colours are being toned down a little - we want something a bit more misty and with a slightly antique feel. We are also, sadly in a way, changing the "shell baby" on the Mermaids wrap, as I think another nymph will be better.

We will be doing two more designs for the fashion shoot at the end of August (aaargh, I have to find models soon), and then hopefully these four designs - not the actual shoot ones, but others that are identical - plus one or two more, will be one sale in September. We still need to decide on the final 4-6. Perhaps one Alice in the mix, another fairies for sure and perhaps something a bit Russian in feel? I'm not sure yet.

Just a corner of this one printed so far. We think the blue, although beautiful, is too intense, so it needs some work. There is never any way to tell how a colour will come out until we print it on fabric. So we're used to this phase of adjusting and readjusting.

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